Color is the medium, a power that directly impacts the soul and attracts mental diversion at a pleasant point. Colors are effective in creating a meaningful impact on any material to attract attention, and they are always successful wherever they are applied properly. This also pours into other factors, such as human perception, cultural traits, color psychology. This write up will guide you through the concepts of color theory that every web designer should know.

How Color Helps in Web Designing Dubai ?

In web design, the most immediate advantage of using the right color combinations is that they help users understand and explore the site. Colors may boost the online experience of visitors, helping them to find the data they need. Your online success needs to select the right colors for the design of your websites. Colors can be your most powerful tools to get your targeted audience to interact.  

Color help people to more effectively store and process images than colorless (black and white images, which can help improve brand recognition and help prompt visitors to take action. Judgment can be focused subconsciously on color combinations, so your palette must not compromise the idea of your brands.

Basic Psychology of Colors in web designing:

Generally, color depends on our personal experiences and preferences, but some universal transmitters are also available. It can be a very demanding task to choose the right colors. It leaves a big impact on digital marketing as researches show that choosing the best appropriate color increases the demand for your product by 90%.

Here is a short rundown to help you select the psychologically-based "right color, mentioning their positive aspects in the right manner

shows enjoyment, happiness, optimism, comfort helps in increasing energy level Brighten the mood, exhibit cheekiness, demonstrate warmth.
Shows Power, passion, power, warmth, arousal, and is used to Build intensity, stimulate appetite, avoid alert signal.

is a color of Development, vitality, earthly, normal, balanced, and is applied to Explain growth, demonstrate Eco-credentials, the signal goes.

is the sign of Confidence, stability, peacefulness, integrity, allegiance, and works to promote calm, gain confidence, demonstrate cleanliness.
Power, command, strength, culture, seductiveness. It Builds mystery, claims trust, display maturity.

Color theory and color harmony:

As for color consultants or sometimes brand advisors, color theory is a science and art in it that some build professional existence on. Knowing the influence of color on most people is an incredibly valuable ability that designers can master and sell to their clients. 

In designing website be deliberate when picking colors for layout of the page; don't use colors without purpose. 

There is far more why color should be chosen than simply using a random color generator, while that might be a place to start often. Use colors that are perfect for your target audience, the message that the customer wants you to express, and the overall feeling that you want the user to encounter on your web, instead. 

Warm colors can create sunny emotions and are used wisely on sites that want a feeling of happiness and joy to bring to mind. Yellow became a popular color in web design as a case in point. Cool colors are best used to create a cool corporate look on professional and clean-cut sites. Cool colors stir up feelings of authority, establishment, and belief. Cool tones of blue, for example, are used at many banking sites.

Best Examples of color schemes in famous company’s websites:

Color Scheme of White House Website:

With some blue and red highlights, the White House website is primarily white and light grey. The white represents hope and independence, reflecting protection and purity as a value. Of course, red and blue are the other shades of the USA, but blue indicates stability and peace, while red displays passion and energy.’s color scheme:

For clarity and readability, Amazon's site is mostly white, which is the best color for use. It also demonstrates cleanliness and allows users to freely access the web. As well as happy and hopeful to find their ideal buy, there are orange and blue accents to attract clients to feel comfortable when on the web.

The appealing colors of Whole Food Website.

As well as their website, the main color used in corporate branding for Whole Foods is green. For a huge premium, Whole Foods offers safe and organic food. In their project design, the green does well to display their safe and pure values as well as their products that love nature.

Choose the best color scheme for your website

It could be a tragic thing to choose a good color palette for your website especially if you are not sure about your ability to coordinate color or feel like you are not a skilled designer. It can be a tricky game to grab and blend colors. The result may look vibrant, or like a scene directly from a horror movie! Your website will look unappealing and forgettable when you avoid any colors. You risk making things look tacky if you use too much color on your website. When you know the correct steps to take, using color can be standardized.
So we have put together this guide to show you, step-by-step, how to choose the correct dominant color for your digital platform.
1.To create your perfect color scheme
2. combine color scheme.
3. Select a color for the background that works for you.
4. Like a pro, use color in the correct places on your website.

Summarizing the colors theory, shades are all around us and they can help any emotion or action you would like from your audience when applied accurately. While colors are an essential element in web design, they are not the only solution for website design. Among many other, color theory is only one aspect that should be considered when designing your websites, and the best, appropriate wise color choice makes your website a piece of the natural environment that makes the customer feel like they are exactly under the shade of a tree and grasping sweet apples so if you want to create spark through your website then don’t miss out the harmony of this deadly duo.


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